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Getting the truth you need through BioEdge to navigate today’s bioethical issues is more critical than ever…

  • Just look at how assisted dying laws in places like Canada and the Netherlands are being expanded and abused at increasing rates.
  • In Australia, many states are going the same way.

But the mainstream media are missing the story.

They spend millions on fact-checkers who don’t even know where to look when it comes to promoting life and human dignity.

And when it comes to more complex issues like fertility, advanced medical procedures and lab research – forget about it.

The mainstream media only care about what medical science can do – not whether we should allow it.

But you can trust BioEdge to put life and human dignity first.

You can rely on this team of independent journalists to look where the mainstream media won’t, to bring you the truth you need about medical and scientific developments.

But your support is needed to help resource this independent reporting to keep you well-informed and influence more people to defend truth, life and human dignity.

Your investment today to help fuel the $10,000 Reporting Fund will help bring you – and more people globally – the facts about critical developments in medical science with bioethics in mind.

You’ll help bring more people like you the truth they need to make ethical decisions to protect the most vulnerable.

Thank you for your generous support today to help defend life and human dignity – standing up for truth when the indifferent mainstream media won’t.

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Michael Cook
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