… And bioethical issues are too important to ignore.

That’s why BioEdge exists: to shed light on vital ethical issues surrounding science, medicine, and technology.

Because the mainstream media isn’t getting it done.

In fact, most journalists don’t even know where to start.

To the extent that they even cover these issues, they do so under the assumption that all progress and technology is good and the human person is irrelevant.

But you and I know that’s not true.

The dignity and value of the human person have to be at the centre of science, medicine, and technology.

BioEdge’s mission is to return to that perspective.

To provide a new way of doing news and reporting that gets back to core ethical questions.

That pushes back against anti-human narratives.

And offers clarity, moral purpose, and truth to these critical issues that will shape the future of our society and culture.

Your gift today will bring much-needed firepower to our Independent Journalism fund will help hit a crucial $25,000 target to boost our reach and expand our reporting.

It will make sure this important source of news gets to more people.

Because they need to know these questions and issues matter.

And the mainstream media doesn’t cut it.

But BioEdge will keep exploring complex issues fearlessly with your support.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Cook

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