May 17, 2024

World Medical Association calls for a bilateral ceasefire in Gaza 

The World Medical Association has called for a bilateral ceasefire in Gaza. The resolution was initiated by the British Medical Association.

Dr Lujain AlQodmani, the Kuwaiti president of the WMA, declared that: “WMA is demanding a bilateral, negotiated, and sustainable ceasefire in order to protect all civilians, secure the release and safe passage of all hostages and to allow the transfer of humanitarian aid for all. We reiterate our call for respect of humanitarian law and call for protection of all healthcare facilities and personnel. It’s a crisis that demands an immediate action.”

The WMA also called for accelerated humanitarian access throughout all of Gaza, including aid and safe passage of medical personnel. This also includes the evacuation of urgent medical cases to reduce secondary morbidity and mortality, and public health risks, and to alleviate pressure on hospitals inside Gaza.

The WMA also wants investigations into allegations of gross violations and abuses of human rights and international humanitarian law including attacks on healthcare staff and facilities and the misuse of those facilities for military purposes.

“As physicians, we have a moral obligation to uphold the principles of the WMA Declaration of Geneva and other documents that serve as guidance for medical personnel during times of conflict”, said Dr AlQodmani.

Dr Latifa Patel, of the BMA, said, “The sheer scale of suffering has been incredibly painful to witness as the continued imprisonment of hostages, the unbearable suffering and deaths of over 30, 000 innocent civilians, especially children, and the devastation of the healthcare system have only exacerbated this worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”