May 9, 2024

3 sperm donors from same family in Quebec have sired 600 children 

Three men in Quebec from the same family have fathered more than 600 children by offering free sperm on the internet. A documentary by Noovo Info, a Quebec news outlet said that they posted ads on Facebook – “an online ‘parallel universe’ of free sperm donation not regulated by Health Canada”. 

Noovo Info initially investigated reports that a couple of men from the same family were giving sperm away. But as reporters dug further, they discovered that three men were involved and that they had together fathered at least 600 children. 

In the documentary, called “Pere 100 enfants,” journalists spoke to single women and lesbians who were horrified to learn their children had dozens of half-siblings. 

Two of the sperm donors are carriers of a rare hereditary genetic liver disorder which could be passed on to their offspring. 

Quebec’s public health director, Dr Luc Boileau, was surprised by the news. “On the Canadian scene, no one saw this coming,” he said. “This is a new situation.” He wants to set limits on the number of children that men can father. 

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé was concerned about inadvertent incest. “I think it’s especially worrying for parents who have used the procreation service, to know: ‘Could my boy or girl be in contact with one of the other children?’” he said. “That’s what’s worrying in terms of public health”. He has vowed to find solutions and to put an end to the Wild West of sperm donation.