February 26, 2024

Chinese hospital suspended after handing out fake birth certificates

Chinese authorities have suspended a Wuhan hospital’s ability to issue birth certificates after allegations of trafficking and falsified paternity certificates.

The allegations surfaced on a few days ago when an anonymous anti-human trafficking activist posted on social media that intermediary groups claimed to have collaborated with Wuhan Puren Hospital in surrogacy arrangements.

Earlier in November, a similar incident emerged involving another hospital director in Hubei Province, who reportedly sold birth certificates for over 60,000 yuan ($8,241) each.

The obstetrics and gynaecology department of Wuhan Puren Hospital remains suspended pending the conclusion of the investigation. The individuals implicated in the surrogacy and fake paternity test allegations have been detained, and the hospital director is facing criminal charges.

The whistle-blower claims that the institute would provide fake paternity test results which parents could use to have a birth certificate reissued, allowing non-biological children to be given a bogus identification.

Birth certificates are required in China for get household registrations and are required for vaccinations, medical insurance, and social security cards.