February 28, 2024

Italian nurse may have killed 38 nursing home patients

A 42-year-old Italian nurse has been arrested in the northern city of Lugo.

A 42-year-old Italian nurse has been arrested over one death in a nursing home in the northern city of Lugo. But she is suspected of killing as many as 38 because they annoyed her. According to Italian media Daniela Poggiali even took selfies with some of the dead patients. “In all my professional years of seeing shocking photos, there have been few like these,” said Alessandro Mancini, the chief prosecutor of Ravenna.

The police investigation will be difficult, as the alleged method was an injection of potassium chloride, which is undetectable after a few days.

Some of Ms Poggioli’s colleagues suspected that something was wrong because so many patients were dying, far more above the average. She was also uncooperative and gave some patients laxatives just before the next shift to inconvenience other nurses. She also used to give patients sedatives to ensure that they would be quiet. 

NB — she was eventually convicted over the deaths of 13 patients.

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