April 20, 2024

ABI in the media

ABI director Dr Amin Abboud delivered a widely reported paper at the World Congress of Bioethics in Sydney this week which suggested that women are often pressured into using IVF for their fertility problems when natural methods would be sufficient.

  • ” (subscription), Australia – 7 Nov 2004
  • “, Australia – 7 Nov 2004

    IN BRIEF: privacy, life support, animal law, stem cell hype…

    Privacy: Despite intense media interest in the exact cause of the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, French doctors have maintained a strict silence. According to France’s code of medical ethics, doctors are obliged to keep to themselves “all that the doctor has come to know in the practice of his profession, that is, not only what has been confided to him, but also what he has seen, heard or understood.” The rule is enforced even after death.