March 5, 2024

Alaska personhood ballot initiative incites opposition

Lawsuit over ballot to extend personhood prior to birth

Alask considers personhood for foetusAbortion
foes in Alaska want a referendum on the personhood of the foetus. It
will state that “all human beings, from the beginning of
their biological development as human organisms, including the
single-cell embryo, … shall be recognized as legal persons in the
state of Alaska.” Opponents have argued that the broad language
of the ballot initiative will lead to banning of abortion services
and some forms of contraception such as intrauterine devices and
emergency contraception.

Dan Sullivan stated that abortion would not be made illegal by the
initiative. However he wants a disclaimer added stating that it
“would not amend or repeal existing state law regulating
abortion,”. ~ Medical
News Today Dec 2

Jared Yee