February 26, 2024

AMA spurns assisted suicide

“Death with dignity” or “aid in dying” is gathering pace in the United States, now that Hawaii has joined the list of states which permit it. Some of the most important input in the debate comes from medical associations. The American 
Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine 
has adopted a position of “studied neutrality”. But how does the American Medical Association stand?

According to a recent decision by its Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, squarely against it. Below we report that in a little-noticed report, it endorses many of the arguments raised against assisted suicide: “dying with dignity” is a misnomer; it is probably not safe; and it could lead to a slippery slope. It's a very interesting read — along with all of our other articles. Check them out. 

Michael Cook
Little-noticed report respectfully says, No.
assisted suicide