April 13, 2024

Another grandmother gives birth to her grandson

In yet another grandmother surrogacy story, a 57-year-old UK woman gave birth to her own grandson after her daughter was medically unable to have a child. The woman, Pamela Butler, delivered her grandson Josef via caesarean section in August, after her daughter Nichola had four attempts at IVF treatment with no success.

Mrs Butler had been worried about her age, but said: “It was the greatest gift I could have given her. It’s wonderful to watch her being a mum now. The doctors were wonderful and very reassuring. Luckily it was an easy pregnancy and it was the most wonderful moment when Nichola held her son for the first time. It didn’t feel like he was my baby but it was just that I was carrying him for Nichola.”

Mr and Mrs Pagett have had to adopt Josef, because in England and Wales the surrogate mother is also the legal mother at the moment of the child’s birth. ~ Daily Mail, Feb 25

Another grandmother gives birth to her grandson
Jared Yee