February 24, 2024

Bioethics from the developing world

A bioethicist from Sikkim, in India, Subrata Chattopadhyay, and two US colleagues make a good point in a recent issue of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. Why are there so few bioethicists from developing countries on the editorial boards of the leading bioethics journals? Some major journals have none at all.

If the journals were more open to commentary from the developing world, would different perspectives emerge? I suspect so. The issues which keep us in the developed world awake at night revolve around autonomy – euthanasia, reproductive freedom, informed consent and so on.

If other countries were better represented, perhaps notions of naturalness and acknowledging the individual’s obligations to society would be highlighted.

There will be no BioEdge next week because of the Easter holiday here in Australia.


Michael Cook
We need more diverse viewpoints.