May 28, 2024

Can novels do reproductive technology justice?

Hi there,

I apologise for the late arrival of this newsletter and I must be brief. We were derailed by some other projects, I’m afraid.

Something else to apologize for is a story below about a UK company touting “celebrity sperm donors”. As a business, it sounded decidedly shaky; as an idea, it sounded no more absurd than other ways of scamming people’s longing for children. Unfortunately, the company was bogus, a publicity stunt for a new TV show. Most of the British media seems to have been taken in as well.

You know, more novels are needed about the Wild West of reproductive technology; Brave New World is quite out of date. I used to be a big science fiction fan, but I have fallen out of touch. Are any of you aware of more contemporary novels? Send us your suggestions.


Michael Cook
Apologies. We are running late.