December 3, 2023


In the previous issue of BioEdge (Number 126, June 25), we erred in identifying the leader of a Brisbane research team working on clinical diagnostic techniques which can yield cheap and accurate results in a single day from a single cell. The leader of the team is Associate Professor Ian Findlay. Professor Jock Findlay AM is the deputy director of Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne and has no connection with this project. Our apologies to both gentlemen.



  • Three people have died of rabies after receiving the lungs, liver and kidneys from an Arkansas man as organ transplants at Baylor University Medical Center in Texas. The operations took place on May 4 and all of the patients died within the month. Rabies testing is not part of routine screening for organ transplants.

    “This is a very rare case,” said a hospital spokeswoman. “It’s just one of those bizarre and unfortunate situations.”