April 17, 2024

Down syndrome victory in US Congress

Bipartisan inspired by work of Brian Skotko

Dr Brian Skotko and friendsThe American pro-life lobby scored a rare victory in Washington recently with the passage of Kennedy-Brownback disability diagnosis bill. It was good news for parents of Down syndrome children. “I am thrilled beyond measure,” said Madeleine Will, director of the Policy Center of the National Down Syndrome Society.

The rare bipartisan initiative brought together disability activists and opponents of abortion. It was inspired by landmark research by a Harvard Medical School student, Brian Skotko. In two papers published in 2005, he showed that most doctors gave a very negative impression when informing parents that their child might have a disability. Studies show that about 90% of women pregnant with a Down syndrome child choose to abort it.

“The majority of the parents said that the information they got from their physicians was inaccurate, incomplete and sometimes insensitive,” Skotko said. “It was in no way consistent with the advancements and possibilities and support that we’ve seen.”

The Kennedy-Brownback Act is designed to establish databases of information and registries to give parents better access to support, adoption resources and accurate information about Down syndrome and other genetic conditions such as spina bifida, cystic fibrosis and dwarfism, both before and after birth. ~ St Louis Post-Dispatch, Nov 9; Disability News, Sept 25


Down syndrome

2 thoughts on “Down syndrome victory in US Congress

  1. I too think that the abortion rate of such babies is going to come down now.Good to know that.

  2. This was indeed wonderful news for those of us who are horrified at the 90% abortion rate for these beautiful children.
    I wrote about this triumph in the National Catholic Register


    It’s a heartening story about how advocates like me who worked behind the scenes for this bill’s passage since 2005 were given a huge boost by a heroic Dad, Tom Vander Woude and a heroic Mom, Sarah Palin.
    Their examples of courage gained us the last prolife victory we may see in Congress for a long time.

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