April 21, 2024

Illinois governor listens to his conscience

Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich

The governor of the American state of Illinois has bypassed his legislature and personally authorised US$10 million for stem cell research funding, including embryonic stem cells. This makes Illinois the fourth state to support stem cell research, along with California, Connecticut and New Jersey. Governor Rod Blagojevich issued an executive order while the legislature was in recess, even though it had twice spurned funding proposals earlier in the year. My sense of morality argues strongly to not simply sit back and do nothing when children are suffering from juvenile diabetes,” says Mr Blagojevich. “To simply be afraid to take a position or to act, I think, would be immoral.”

Earlier this year, the governor used his executive powers on another matter of conscience when he forced a pharmacy to sell contraceptives even though the pharmacist had a conscientious objection to supplying contraceptives. “No delays. No hassles. No lectures. Just fill the prescription,” he said at the time.