May 28, 2024

Imagine that!

A Canadian doctor wants to clone John Lennon.

In 1971 John Lennon wrote “Imagine”, inviting listeners to ponder a world without fear of death, where people “live for today”. A Canadian dentist has claimed Lennon’s world may soon become a reality, via cloning.

Dr Robert Zuk has purchased one of Lennon’s molars in the hope that his genetic code can be mapped and an “actual genetic replica” can be created. Zuk bought the tooth at an auction for US$31,000, and has sent it to Penn State University in the hope that they can fully sequence Lennon’s DNA. This basic information may be all that is needed in the future to produce a clone of the rock star. Or so Dr Zuk believes. “With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality”, he said in a press release.

Human cloning was banned in Canada in 2004, though Dr. Zuk may be able to accomplish his project in the USA, where cloning laws are not as strict. Penn State University is yet to release a statement about their involvement in the project. 

A Canadian doctor wants to clone John Lennon
Xavier Symons
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