April 20, 2024

IN BRIEF: Danish IVF ~ European palliative care ~ Terri Schiavo

  • The latest figures from Denmark show that 5 per cent of births, or one child in 20, are the result of in vitro fertilisation.
    Young American doctors are turning away from obstetrics and gynaecology. Since 1996, the number of graduates of US medical schools who enter O&G courses has dropped 23%, from 968 to 743. Only two-thirds of new residencies in O&G were filled by graduates of US medical schools — compared with 86% eight years ago. “Nationally, we certainly are concerned about quality,” says that head of O&G at Johns Hopkins Hospital. “If we’re seeing fewer people going into the speciality, then we do need to start worrying about the quality of the people.” The reasons are familiar ones: the highest insurance premiums in the medical profession, a demanding lifestyle and fewer men entering the profession.