April 17, 2024

IN BRIEF: Nitschke; Nazi experiments; population

Nitschke: Australia’s best-known euthanasia advocate, Dr Philip Nitschke, has just published a book, Killing Me Softly, with journalist Fiona Stewart. The publicity blurb says that “they offer a future where a ‘Peaceful Pill’ could revolutionise euthanasia just as the contraceptive pill transformed birth control a generation ago.”

Nazi experiments: New research has revealed that the Nazi extermination camp experiments of Dr Josef Mengele were supported by a network of elite German scientists. Dr Susanne Heim has told the Guardian that “it was formerly believed that scientists in Germany were oppressed by the Nazi regime, that there were only a few guilty people. But in truth, these doctors were in paradise. The distinction between politics and science was hazy and doctors had the freedom to do as they liked, so long as they could prove that their goal was to breed a super-race of strong soldiers for the advancement of warfare.”