March 1, 2024

Italy’s new IVF law attacked after tragic case

Italians are debating their strict new IVF law after it had unforeseen consequences for a 26-year-old Sicilian woman. Pregnant with triplets after an IVF procedure, her life was declared to be “at risk” by her doctor and she had a “foetal reduction” to abort one of the children. This is the second instance of foetal reduction since the law came into effect in March. The law, passed after years without regulation, stipulates that only stable, heterosexual couples of child-bearing age can receive treatment. They can only have a maximum of three embryos created and all embryos have to be implanted.

Critics law are now calling for the law to be changed. “These cases show what is wrong with this law,” said the doctor who did both cases, Giovanni Monni. “It was created to protect the embryo, but what it does is force the woman to choose abortion.”