April 24, 2024

Lesbians to be “saviours” of British IVF clinics

Lesbians who attend clinics have higher quality eggs.
Fertility clinics in the UK have identified a new source of high-quality eggs for infertile clients – lesbians. Most of these women seek help from IVF clinics because of lifestyle reasons, not infertility. Hence they are available to “share” their eggs with other women in return for a discount on treatment.

A report by the London Women’s Clinic has found that lesbians at its IVF clinic were up to 20% more fertile than heterosexual women. Dr Kamal Ahujua, the director, told the London Evening Standard "These results are remarkable. This is the first indication that the quality of eggs for lesbian women is better. It’s also a remarkable turnaround – 10 years ago lesbian women weren’t all that welcome in fertility clinics. Now that’s changed. These women are going to be our saviours. "

There is a shortage of egg donors in Britain, largely because donors may not be compensated. As a result, more and more women are resorting to reproductive tourism in countries like India, Spain or the US, where payment is legal. ~ Evening Standard, June 9