May 18, 2024

Lithuanian “charlatans” spruik embryonic stem cells cures

Two Lithuanian MPs have accused their Minister for Health of allowing shady companies to treat sick children with injections of embryonic stem cells — even though these treatments are banned in the EU, Lithuania and Russia. Local doctors have described the procedures as “scandalous charlatanism” performed on “experimental rabbits”. Dr Eimantas Svedas, of Kaunas Medical University, supported the claims. “The propagation of this method would not be possible in the West, and that people can believe in it and pay thousands for such embryonic stem cell injections can only raise smiles in other countries.”

Health Minister Dr Juozas Olekas responded that “we really can’t stop people participating in experiments in Russia, if they are so determined, even if they have objective evidence no such treatments are being used in any other country in the world. There are situations in which people will grasp at the last straw.” He has warned the two companies involved to amend misleading claims in their local advertising.