December 8, 2023

Message from editor: new comments system

Please participate!

BioEdge introduces a new comments systemWe are currently sprucing up the BioEdge website. One of the first innovations is a better system for your comments. We have incorporated “Intense Debate”, an add-on which allows you to set up a profile, build up a reputation in the BioEdge community, respond to other comments by email or through your RSS reader, or even post simultaneously on Twitter. One thing that has been missing on BioEdge is a robust debate around the controversial issues that we raise and I am sure that this will catch on. 

At the foot of each article in this newsletter you will find a link which will take you to the article on the website. Below it will open up a panel for your comments. I hope that this will make visiting the site more interesting, even compelling. Of course, we do ask that your comments be reasonably concise, on-topic and polite. Feel free to correct us if you think that we have made an error of fact or of judgement. 

We hope to roll out other improvements over the next few weeks. 

Michael Cook
Editor, BioEdge

Michael Cook