March 1, 2024

Murderer denied right to decide wife’s end-of-life care

In a bizarre end-of-life care dilemma, an Australian man who botched the murder of his wife and left her in a persistent vegetative state, says that she would not want her life support turned off. Joe Korp and his lover have been charged with attempted murder after his wife Maria was found strangled in the boot of her car in February. If she dies, charges against Mr Korp could be upgraded to murder. His lawyer contends that Mrs Korp was a devout Catholic who would not want to be removed from a life support system.

However, the Victorian government has appointed a guardian for Mrs Korp, a move which takes the final decision about whether to keep her alive out of her family’s hands. A neurologist says that the woman will have a 50% chance of survival without a breathing tube and will die within a few weeks if her feeding tube is removed.