February 25, 2024

New Age guru has IVF twins at 57

Aleta St James

A 57-year-old New Age mystic has become a single mother of twins after IVF treatment with donor eggs. Aleta St James, an American actress, singer, healer and motivational speaker, explained that “I’m very young and vivacious and my whole world is about manifesting, so I decided to manifest children.” Her doctor, Jane Miller, of North Hudson IVF, a New Jersey fertility clinic, said that she normally discourages older women from having IVF treatment, but Ms St James was healthy enough to give birth.

Bioethicist Arthur Caplan scoffed at the highly publicised birth. Putting aside the proven risks to babies and mothers when women over 40 attempt childbirth, is it really all that nuts to suggest that 57 is just too old to start raising two children by yourself?” He pointed out that adoption agencies and most countries with laws governing artificial reproduction would have stopped Ms St James.