March 5, 2024

ODD SPOT: Neo-Nazi sets up Aryan baby farm

 A German neo-Nazi has used an English shelf company to set up a racially-pure Aryan baby farm in a quiet commuter suburb near Bremen. The company, the Wilhelm Tietjen Foundation for Fertilisation Ltd, "aims to help childless couples produce children" with the help of surrogate mothers, says the organiser, Jurgen Riegen, a lawyer who has become notorious for defending members of the German far right.

Local townsfolk are outraged. "At first, we thought he was merely planning to develop agricultural fertilisers and manure," said the mayor of Doerverden. "We didn’t realise human fertilisation is intended." The foundation is named after a Bremen schoolteacher who made a fortune on the stock market and set up a fertility research organisation to further Nordic races before his death in 2002. Mr Tietjen was infertile.