March 3, 2024

Only bigots will oppose cloning, says Savulescu

Australian bioethicist, Julian Savulescu, of Oxford University, has argued that rejecting the possibility of human reproductive cloning is a form of discrimination akin to racism and sexism. If cloning ever were to become a healthy process, opposing it would be bigotry, since cloning is about copying genomes, not people. “People deserve equal concern and respect, regardless of the origin of their genome,” he said in a debate sponsored by the Times Higher Educational Supplement.


Professor Savulescu’s opponent, David Oderberg, of Reading University, disagreed and denounced the “malaise at the heart of society” that makes reproductive cloning something to be contemplated at all. He criticised “unashamedly utilitarian” bioethicists who “make almost messianic — and deeply irresponsible — promises that the lame will walk and the blind see if only we allow the technology”.

Julian Savulescu