February 29, 2024

Private labs store baby teeth for stem cells

Private labs offer “biological insurance”

Commercial laboratories have moved into marketing tooth stem cells as a kind of health insurance for children. Preserving cord blood is an already established practice. Freezing and storing stem cells from baby teeth is a new wrinkle. One lab, StemSave, of New York City, cites research that suggests that stem cells in the pulp of baby, adult or wisdom teeth could someday be used to grow new teeth or to repair organs, bones or brains. The practical application of this technology is years away – but that hasn’t stopped private labs from offering parents the option of storing their child’s baby teeth now until the science catches up. StemSave charges an initial fee of US$590 to ship, extract and store the tooth stem cells, plus a storage fee of $100 per year. “Stem cells and stem-cell banking is kind of like biological insurance,” says StemSave CEO Art Greco. “I’m saving my stem cells when they’re young and strong and prolific in case I need them later in life.” ~ Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Mar 7

Private labs store baby teeth for stem cells
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