April 12, 2024

US IVF industry begins to centralise

In a move which reveals the growing sophistication of the IVF industry, a supplier of business services is quietly building up a nationwide network of providers. IntegraMed, a New York company listed on NASDAQ with revenue of around US$100 million, specialises in business support for the US$2 billion fertility industry. It is also moving into self-insurance for malpractice suits in conjunction with a number of high-quality clinics. Integramed regards itself as “the only true national fertility brand”.

IntegraMed recently affiliated with a leading Philadelphia IVF clinic, Abington Reproductive Medicine, adding it to 23 other fertility clinics across the country. Its network now accounts for about 20 per of the total IVF volume in the US and it claims to be the leader in providing services to both consumers and medical providers in the fertility field”. One of IntegraMed’s main products is its “shared risk refund program”, which makes it possible for clinics to offer money-back guarantees to customers.