March 5, 2024

Ireland to permit PGD

The Irish government will soon introduce detailed fertility treatment laws.

Fertility treatment in Ireland has been poorly regulated for several years. 

Yet the Irish government will soon introduce detailed legislation to guide the use of assisted reproductive technologies. Fertility treatment reforms are currently being developed in parliament.

Late last year the Department of Health released details of a general scheme to regulate fertility treatment. The government approved the department’s request to draft new legislation, and a parliamentary committee is set to make a series of proposals to Cabinet in coming months.

Department of Health chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan said the new regulatory scheme will allow preimplantation sex-selection under certain circumstances, while prohibiting commercial surrogacy. A new Assisted Human Reproduction Regulatory Authority will be established to gather data on fertility treatment around the country and enforce statutory regulations on ART.

Fertility treatments will be permitted for women up to the age of 47, while for men there will be no age limit. 

Ireland set legalise PGD
Xavier Symons
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