February 20, 2024

FDA approves at-home insemination kit

In another development in the commercialisation of assisted reproduction, an American company has received FDA approved for an artificial insemination kit. The product, called the Mosie Baby Kit, will be available at Walmart and CVS stores and over the internet for US$129.99.

The company explains its mission as follows:

Mosie Baby is on a mission to empower people with the tools they need to grow their family on their own terms. Their vision is to create a safe and inclusive community for those looking to conceive by opening up conversations around conception while bringing dignity, accessibility and confidence to the process of inseminating at home.

Designed to be used with either a fresh or cryogenically frozen donor semen sample, each Mosie Baby Kit includes two patented syringes, which are specifically designed for at-home insemination, and two proprietary collection cups for semen collection.