February 24, 2024

Black Friday discounts on babies from Ukraine

Commodification chronicles. It’s Black Friday in Kiev! The Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom is offering 3% off!!!!! on its surrogacy and fertility packages. The discount deal runs from November 15 to November 26.

An all-inclusive VIP surrogacy package will cost only 1,947€; a “Perfect Chance” IVF package only 447€. “Hurry up to make your dream of a baby come true!”, says the promotional blurb on the website.

BioTexCom is a big player in international surrogacy and works hard at marketing its products. It is active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (in Romanian, English, German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Bulgarian. It sponsors a baseball team and a juijitsu team. Clients can get a BioTexCom tattoo.

3 thoughts on “Black Friday discounts on babies from Ukraine

  1. And here was me thinking that child trafficking was illegal!
    It never ceases to amaze me that some unscrupulous people value money ahead of human life and dignity.
    There is enough evidence throughout the world that testifies to the trauma of removing a baby from the woman who who has carried it and to whom it was born.
    No amount of spin can change this reality and yet the trade in children continues with no care, responsibility or accountability by those who use these practices to enhance their personal wealth. I hope
    I just hope that there is such Karma and these business tycoons are subjected to the same level of emotional pain as those upon whom they inflict it.

  2. Why is it lawful to treat women and the children they bare as second rate citizens. As Pauline above identifies, this represents the height of corruption and cruelty.
    How low can we as humans go?

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