April 24, 2024

Dutch voters support assisted suicide for ‘completed lives’

The results of professional opinion polls on social issues have to be taken with a pinch of salt, unless they indicate huge voter preferences.

However, the Netherlands provides an example of huge voter preference. According to NL Times, a Kieskompas poll of nearly 200,000 people found that 80% of people surveyed believe that they should be able to get help in dying when they feel they’ve completed their life.

A Dutch party called D66 is promoting a bill to permit assisted suicide for completed live. Only 10% oppose the bill and another 10% are undecided.

Kieskompas said that agreement crossed population groups; gender, age, or education level made no difference in the amount of support.

The D66 bill would allow people over 75 to decide when to die with professional help if they feel they’ve reached the end of a completed life. There would be a six-month process in which they have to meet with an “end-of-life counsellor” at least three times.

Bioethics writer Wesley J. Smith noted in his column in the National Review that safeguards seem to be weak:

“Completed life” euthanasia would allow the healthy elderly to be terminated. And why should eligibility be age-directed? Once the concept of the “completed life” is accepted, why not open the death option to younger people? Indeed, doesn’t every suicidal person believe their life is completed? In theory, there is no limiting principle.