May 19, 2024

Waste not, want not: Serbian surgeon wants to perform genitalia swaps in New York hospital

Urologist Miroslav Djordjevic, one of the world’s leading sex-reassignment surgeons, has a nightmare and a dream when he thinks about the estimated 1.5 million transgender people in Western Europe.

The nightmare is throwing into the garbage the penises and testicles of 700,000 men and the uteruses, and ovaries of 700,000 women. The dream is a tissue bank which will allow doctors to access compatible body parts and swap these precious organs.

“Now we are in a final step,” Dr Djordjevic said in the latest episode of Doctor Podcasts, on YouTube. “The final approach will be to transplant the penis. This is my main goal, goal of my career. And I hope that this future started yesterday.”

Most of his patients are ideal candidates, as they are typically young, healthy and in their early 20s, he added. In recent years, he has successfully transplanted a uterus, ovaries, and testicles into his patients. “From all of these three transplantations, we had a delivery. That is very good result,” he said.

Dr Djordjevic practices in Belgrade, in Serbia, and at Mount Sinai hospital, in New York. Mount Sinai regards him as a star transgender surgeon. “We are striving to find a way to use all genital organs that are planned for removal in transition surgery to improve the lives of others who request this surgery and enable them to lead a normal life,” he says on the Mount Sinai website.