February 29, 2024

Transwomen may have a right to be pregnant, argue bioethicists

Do transgender women (ie, natal males) have a right to experience pregnancy? Two Italian doctors from the University of Rome Sapienza argue in Acta Biomedica that technology is advancing so fast that we need to confront this question.

At the moment uterine transplants (UTx) are rare and often unsuccessful. But as surgeons improve their techniques, it may be possible for a natal male to give birth. “Such an option will mark a point where the set of moral and ethical precepts which we espouse could soon become obsolete,” they write.

Surveys show, they claim, that transwomen believe that “having a transplanted, functioning uterus and vagina would benefit their sex life and perceived sense of femininity, improving quality of life overall.”

The reasoning is simple: if surgery is ethically necessary to alleviate gender dysphoria, UTx must be ethical as well:

it is not unreasonable to assume that in transgender women, UTx may go a long way towards the achievement of reproductive aspirations, benefit quality of life overall, and be effective in allaying dysphoric symptoms … if UTx becomes mainstream, safe and effective for biological women with [absolute uterine factor infertility], would there be any morally tenable grounds as to why transgender women should be denied such an opportunity for gestation?

Bioethics writer Wesley J. Smith noted in the National Review that the authors fail to mention anything about the welfare of the child.

Imagine the potential problems of having a biological male gestate, with the requirements of necessary hormones and other essential mother contributions to healthy gestation mostly provided artificially. Why, it’s as if the issue does not exist.

5 thoughts on “Transwomen may have a right to be pregnant, argue bioethicists

  1. These two Italian Doctors are complete idiots.
    Because transwomen have rejected their true sexuality to the extent of removing their sexual organs, they do not have the attitude, the emotional ties or the ability to bond with a child. Every cell in their body is male. A child is born to a woman whose cells and every physiological, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual facet define her as a woman.
    Even with a transplanted vagina and womb a transgender woman would require a donated egg and a constant use of synthetic hormones as she lacks ovaries, that would definitely be harmful to a developing baby as they are millions of times stronger than normal hormone production. This ridiculous suggestion that transgender women have a right to have a baby opposes all biological reality.

  2. Virtually ALL intended pregnancies stem from a desire to have a child–it’s never done for the benefit of the child.

    1. All natal women have the right to be pregnant. Males and females have different reproductive rights.

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