May 25, 2024

Celebrity Brazilian plastic surgeon arrested after deadly botched operation

The doctor used acrylic glass for a buttock-enhancing operation.

A celebrity Brazilian plastic surgeon — known by fans as Dr Bumbum — has been arrested by authorities following a botched buttock-enhancing operation that left a patient dead.

Forty-five-year-old Denis Furtado was arrested by police on in Rio De Janeiro on Thursday and charged with homicide and criminal association. Furtado had performed a buttock-enhancement operation on 46-year-old bank manager Lilian Quezia Calixto in his luxury apartment on Saturday, shortly after which Ms Calixto began to feel extremely sick. Ms Calixto was admitted to a local hospital with a racing heartbeat and hypertension, and she suffered four consecutive heart attacks before passing away. Mr Furtado used multiple injections of acrylic glass in the operation, and doctors suspect that this may have caused a pulmonary embolism that led to Ms Calixto’s death.

Mr Furtado has over 650,000 followers on instagram. But despite his popularity on social media, the celebrity doctor was already in poor standing with his medical peers, having been investigated on four separate occasions for medical misconduct. Both Furtado’s mother and girlfriend have also been arrested and charged in connection with the woman’s death.

Brazil has the second highest rate of aesthetic plastic surgery in the world; over 1.1 million non-surgical aesthetic procedures were performed in the country in 2016.

Celebrity Brazilian plastic surgeon arrested after deadly botched operation
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