April 24, 2024

Hawaii legislature rejects assisted suicide

Bill for physician-assisted suicide quashed

A Hawaii legislative panel Monday unanimously voted down a bill that would have legalised physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill, quashing the possibility that it would become legal this year. The Senate Health Committee dropped the issue after 4.5 hours of testimony intensely opposed to the proposal. Dozens of car-accident survivors, elderly care providers and disabled Hawaii residents told state legislators they shouldn’t permit terminally ill, competent adults to receive medication to end their lives.

Kevin Inouye gave testimony from his wheelchair about how he contemplated suicide for five years following a car wreck, saying he would have lied to doctors to make it happen if it had been legal to do so. “All I thought about was killing myself. I had no hope,” he said, who wore a yellow sticker saying, “No doctor prescribed death.” “As soon as my situation got a little bit better and I learned to live with my disabilities, I wanted to live again.”

Marcia Linville, who underwent two hip replacements and couldn’t walk for eight months, said that she deserves the right to end her life if the time comes. “As much as I want to live, when the time comes, if I want to die, that is also my choice — nobody else’s,” she said. ~ CNBC, Feb 8

Hawaii legislature rejects assisted suicide
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