April 13, 2024

‘Treat researchers with contempt’: new animal rights advert

A new animal rights advertisement has sparked controversy in Germany. It vilifies an animal physiology researcher from the University of Bremen, and calls upon the public to treat researchers who experiment on animals with contempt.

A German animal rights group recently published a full-page advertisement villifying an animal physiology researcher for his work with macaques.  

The advertisement, featuring a photo of the researcher and image of a macaque restrainted for experimentation, bears the title “Kreiter continues in cold blood”. Professor Andreas Kreiter, a researcher from the University of Bremen, has long been criticised by animal rights groups, but the most recent advertisement he called “particularly aggressive”. 

The article calls Kreiter’s research “cruel” and “barbaric” and ends with an exhortation that citizens “treat animal experimenters with contempt”.

The German Alliance of Science Organisations has released a statement in which it “expressly and decisively condemns” the advert.

Rainer Gaertner, head of the German Association for Opponents of Animal Research, said the ad had been a great success and that another was already being planned. 

Xavier Symons
Creative commons
animal rights
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