March 5, 2024

For some Canadian women, surrogacy is sacred

Getting in touch with your inner earth mother goddess

The motives for commercial surrogacy may seem relatively straightforward: woman does difficult and risky job; client hands over cash. But motivating women who are not closely related to a client couple for altruistic surrogacy seems more challenging.

Is a Canadian service called Sacred Surrogacy the way of the future in countries where commercial surrogacy is banned? Leia Swanberg, the CEO of Canadian Fertility Consulting, has created a program which draws upon shamanistic rites and fertility goddess worship to motivate her surrogates. Her four-week on-line course guides participants through their “surrogate journey in a sacred and beautiful way”. It includes sacred crystal essence, “crystal water to raise your surrogacy pregnancy vibration”, ayurvedic recipes, almond milk & honey ceremonial bath,” understanding your sacred milk” and fear release.

“Sacred surrogacy” offers quite a different way of looking at gestation. Rather than a commercial transaction, it is a participation in a sisterhood of fecund women:

A Surrogate is a woman who shares of herself by giving the ultimate gift of parenthood to another. It is a process in which you will carry a baby for a single, couple, gay, or straight family. You will be blessed as you join a sisterhood of women who will share in this beautiful journey with you.

Donors also share in the journey:

“Make no mistake about it, you are a heroine about to change a family’s life forever and that act is a reverent one, and should be noted as such. We have created a very special heartwarming mini program for you as you begin this journey, and we are honored to be able to offer you this acknowledgement for your gift of service.”
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