May 26, 2024

Woman loses baby in tragic mishap

An Indian woman has lost her baby after doctors accidentally administered an abortifacient.

An Indian woman has lost her unborn baby after doctors accidentally administered an abortion drug. The woman, from the Rajouri district in Northern India, was attending a private hospital for a routine check-up when the incident occurred.

According to the woman’s husband, a senior gynaecologist had prescribed an IV glucose drip. Junior medical staff mistakened the woman for another patient and instead administered an abortifacient.

The woman was given the abortion drug despite telling doctors that she had merely come for her weekly glucose drip.

The woman went home, but returned to the hospital just an hour later, complaining of severe abdominal pain. Doctors told her that it was too late to save her baby.

“We have immediately registered a case and arrested the doctor, whose negligent act has caused this,” said Rahul Malik, Superintendent of Police in South Jammu.

Indian authorities have suspended the license of the hospital whilst an investigation into the incident takes place. 

Indian woman loses baby after doctors accidentally administer abortifacient
Xavier Symons
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