May 18, 2024

Tasmanian parliamentary report rejects euthanasia

Report available on internet

Voluntary euthanasia will probably be rejected once again in the Australian state of Tasmania. In May the leader of the Green Party, Nick McKim, introduced a private member’s bill, Dying with Dignity Bill 2009, which was referred to a committee. After three months of hearings, the committee issued a report which declared that the bill "in its current form does not provide an adequate or concise legislative framework to permit voluntary euthanasia/physician assisted suicide."

The report, which is available on the internet, is a good summary of arguments for and against euthanasia. It is the second time that the Tasmanian Parliament has rejected a euthanasia bill, despite a supportive media. An even more vigorous debate in 1998 ended with another negative report. The Parliament has yet to vote on the bill, but its prospects look dim. ~ Tasmanian Parliament website

Michael Cook