April 7, 2024

US 8 year old may undergo sex-change treatment

Gender dysphoric child will be administered medication to become female

Josie RomeroThe American parents of a transgender child have enrolled their 8-year-old son in sex-change treatment program. Venessia Romero and her husband Joseph say that their son Josie (his original name is Joseph) is a girl "born in the body of a boy". They treat him as a girl and have changed his sex on legal documents, including his birth certificate, passport and social security number. They are preparing him to begin hormone treatment when he is 12 to prevent male puberty. Ultimately he could have surgical gender reassignment.The couple also have an adopted Chinese daughter. 

Venessia Romero, Josie’s mother, feels "the most important thing is to love your child unconditionally". She and her husband Joseph have entrusted his case to a specialist in the field of transgender children, Dr Norman Spack of Boston Children’s Hospital, who has experience in organising sex-changes for pre-pubescent children.

Josie appeared this month on the UK Channel 4 program about gender dysphoria, Bodyshock, alongside 8-year-old Kyla who was "born a boy" but who will dress as a when he returns to school, and 16-year-old Chris, who was "born a girl" and who has been taking testosterone since she was 14. Some observers raised the issue of whether these children can give informed consent. From the meagre information about the children’s psychological state which emerged from the program, it seemed that they came from very unusual family backgrounds and that their parents were not only supportive, but pushy.

Josie, for instance, has become a spokesperson for transgender children. He spoke very graphically on the TV about his confused sexuality: "I am happy everyone knows I am a real girl, and that I don’t have to pretend to be a boy any more." ~  Sun, Oct 15; Watch With Mothers

Jared Yee

One thought on “US 8 year old may undergo sex-change treatment

  1. This is sheer madness, and a moral outrage! These parents should be prosecuted for cruelty toward a child and the “transgender” doc should be struck off, if not also prosecuted. This story also shows how modern psychology and psychiatry have gone off the rails, by failing to recognize and treat emotional disorders but instead accommodating them: for what sane person would it make sense to subject a child to surgical and chemical mutilation rather than treating the child’s delusion that he is really “a girl in a boy’s body”? Words cannot express my distress at reading this news story.

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