March 3, 2024

Assisted suicide rejected by Canadian parliament

Soundly defeated by 228-59 margin

Canada’s House of Commons has
a private member’s bill to legalise assisted suicide. Bill C-384 was defeated
Wednesday afternoon on second reading by a 228-59 margin. The bill would have
allowed doctors to avoid murder and manslaughter charges for helping terminally
ill people or those in severe chronic pain to die.

The bill stipulated that a physician could
help someone to “die with dignity” provided nine conditions were met, including
that the person was 18 or older, suffered from a terminal illness or
unrelenting physical or mental pain, had made two written requests to die at least 10 days apart, and
had their diagnosis confirmed by a second doctor.

Foes of euthanasia were jubilant. However,
both sides are gearing up for more battles. “There will be another bill in
the next Parliament,” said Alex
, of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.  “That’s
just what’s going on.  Our goal is to get ready for the next battle, which
will be in a couple years after the next election.”

Michael Cook
assisted suicide