February 26, 2024

Canada bans assisted suicide ad

Exit International banned again

Australia-based assisted-suicide group Exit
International is considering taking legal action after Canadian regulators
refused to allow one of its advertisements to be aired in Canada. Philip
Nitschke, founder of Exit International, described the 45-second ad as one
“that Canadians will benefit from seeing.”

Exit International planned to use it to
promote its upcoming “Safe Exit Workshop” tour, a five-city venture in North
America with stops in Vancouver and Toronto. Philip Nitschke would provide
step-by-step demonstrations of how to commit suicide, and information sessions
on poisons, gases and non-prescription drugs.

Canadian law forbids counselling or
assisting someone to commit suicide. The Television Bureau of Canada has
refused to approve the ad’s airing. The ad has also been banned in
. ~ CBC News,
Sept 24
; BioEdge,
Sept 20

Jared Yee
assisted suicide
Philip Nitschke