February 26, 2024

Cash-strapped US women selling their eggs

It’s the economy, stupid, not altruism

In the slowing American economy, some women are making ends meet by selling
their eggs, claims a Las Vegas TV station. "Melissa", told station KVVU that
altruism is not the main reason she was donating her eggs. "My husband has had
me stay home for the last five years. I stayed home for my children, so the
money definitely benefited my family," she said.

The number of donors is reported to have increased significantly since April
at the Center For Egg Options in Illinois. "There’s no reason to think that
suddenly there’s 30% more people who have suddenly had this inner feeling to
help out people. And what’s changed? It’s the economy," said fertility
specialist Ed Marut.

"The donors will make in the area of $7,000, and the surrogates will make
anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 plus," said Nancy Block, founder of the Center
For Egg Options. ~ KOCO, July 31