February 22, 2024

Do you support mandatory euthanasia? Yeah, OK.

Hi there,

This job has an occupational hazard: watching YouTube videos. The excuse is finding entertaining clips which illustrate some point or other. I’m afraid that the point often gets lost.

Anyhow, I was gobsmacked yesterday by a clip from Mark Dice. Now admittedly Mr Dice is one strange dude. He is a youngish right-winger crusading against the New World Order and the Illuminati. But he has a cheeky grin and is incredibly brazen. One of his stunts is to ask people on beachside promenades to sign a petition.

People will sign anything and everything, it seems. He gets people to put their name, signature and date of birth on petitions to repeal the First Amendment, to repeal the Sixth and Seventh Amendments and even to repeal the whole Bill of Rights.

What is of more relevance to us at BioEdge is a petition to support mandatory euthanasia for senior citizens and terminally ill. People briskly sign as Dice drones on: in these hard times we gotta bring healthcare costs down… they’re draining the healthcare system… to save our tax dollars… birth date, please… it’s mandatory… keep traffic reduced… just putting the old people to sleep if we deem it necessary to save costs… it’s mandatory… it’s a provision in Obamacare and they want to take it away… it’s a lot cheaper that way… just print your name there… if they’re a drain on the system, we’re just gonna get rid of them… birth date, please…

I’m sure that holidaying Americans are not really as heartless as they seem in this clip. They probably don’t understand the big words, the reasoning and the implications of what was being asked. It really makes me question the reliability of polls about assisted suicide and euthanasia. What do you think?


Michael Cook
Are people really that easily deceived?