April 13, 2024

“Final Exit” distributed free to libraries

Assisted-suicide manual offered as donation
Derek Humphry’s well-known assisted-suicide
manual “Final Exit” will now be distributed free to US public lending libraries
upon request. The book (link to
) explores various methods of committing suicide and
assisting suicide for the dying, including self-starvation, inert gases and
lethal drug dosages. The book begins with a note of caution to readers who are
suicidal, stating that the book is meant for those who are “hopelessly
physically ill”.

Humphry states that the true intention of
“Final Exit” is “explaining the right of a terminally ill person
with unbearable suffering, or one with advanced degenerative condition, to know
how to choose to die”. As reported in BioEdge in
, a new edition of the book was released earlier in the year.

Humphry explained on his blog that a large donation
to the Euthanasia Research & Guidance Association (ERGO) meant that
complimentary copies of the book could be distributed to public lending
libraries, whose acquisition budgets had been cut “severely”.

Jared Yee