February 28, 2024

Founder of home-delivered sperm website jailed in UK

‘Seedy Gonzalez’ was fraud

John GonzalezProcreation and profit don’t mix. That seems to be the message of the conviction of the founder of a website which supplied sperm to lesbians who wanted children. John Gonzalez – "Seedy Gonzalez" to the tabloids — who launched the website ManNotIncluded.com amidst much ballyhoo in 2002, has been jailed for 16 months for fraud and forgery. In Britain government regulations only covered frozen sperm and Mr Gonzalez promised his clients fresh stuff, home-delivered. Although he spruiked himself as a crusader for women’s rights, he apparently exploited the single women and lesbians who paid him £750 to register with the site and another £80 to search the database. He diverted £185,000 from the company for personal use, leaving numerous creditors, including a courier company owed £21,000. He also forged documents and made false claims to the liquidator of the company. Although Gonzalez claimed that about 20 pregnancies resulted from his company’s services, some customers complained of appalling treatment, such as receiving the sperm in dirty coffee flasks. ~ London Telegraph, Apr 14; Evening Standard, Apr 9