May 28, 2024

Hey girls, want an Adam Sandler look-alike baby?

Only US$490 a vial
Want your baby
to look like John Travolta or Prince William? California Cryobank can
help you. It has launched a service to help women choose sperm donors
who look like the man of their dreams. How about Adam Sandler? Donor
11121 might fill the bill. Here’s his profile:

“Donor 11121
hopes to find cures for pediatric diseases and plans to own his own
research lab. With a B.S. in Molecular Biology, which he earned with
distinction, and five years of post-graduate study in Medicine, he’s
close to his academic goal. 6’1”, 183 lbs, with wavy brown hair,
brown eyes, and dimples, he enjoys drawing, painting, baseball,
wrestling, and juggling, ‘so long as it’s not knives or lit
torches.’ Friendly, with a great sense of humor, he’s fun to be

Just the guy,
eh? Everything a girl needs to know about the father of her child —
apart from his name. Check it out today at California
Only US$490
a vial.

One thought on “Hey girls, want an Adam Sandler look-alike baby?

  1. Re:the Adam Sandler look-alike piece. Get a grip! This light-hearted quip is wholly inappropriate. I’m disappointed that an otherwise serious website would engage in what amounts to joking around about “Culture of Death” behaviors.You owe your readers an apology for exhibting really poor taste.

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