April 20, 2024

Is there a link between organ donor and recipient?

Many patients say yes.
One in three organ recipients reports that they have absorbed some of the personality of the donor, a research study says. And many patients are repulsed by the notion of receiving organs from "bad people". Professor Bruce Hood, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Bristol, told a conference in the UK that he had spoken with patients who reported a psychic connection. He said that in one case, a British teenager was given a heart transplant against her will because she feared that she would be "different with someone else’s heart". The patients’ concerns puzzle doctors, as conventional science has generally rejected the idea that such transference is possible. ~ BBC, June 5


One thought on “Is there a link between organ donor and recipient?

  1. I know a couple–the husband Ethiopian, the wife American. She donated a kidney to him. After the transplant he acquired a taste for chocolate–something she always had, but he never did. True!

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