May 18, 2024

J-Lo’s real back-up plan didn’t include IVF

Star felt uncomfortable with conceiving children artificially

Hollywood starlet and recording artist Jennifer
Lopez is starring in “The Back-Up Plan”, a film about the romantic
complications of IVF. She plays a New Yorker who can’t find Mr Right. Worried
about her biological clock striking midnight, she has IVF treatment with donor
sperm and two embryos are implanted. And then – surprise, surprise – she meets
the man of her dreams the very next day. Will he be scared away by her
pregnancy? Will she be able to keep it a secret? And the biggest question of all, is IVF becoming hard-wired into popular culture? 

IVF clinics in the US are using the film to promote their product amongst singles in their mid-30s. One press release from a North Carolina clinic quotes one of its doctors, reproductive endocrinologist Nancy Teaff: “While fertility centers like ours were established to help couples,
we are seeing a societal shift toward acceptance of women starting
families without male partners. Women feel pressure to
find a suitable partner ready for the responsibility of raising
children before their biological clocks prevent it. They older they get,
the less willing they are to postpone a birth, even if it means going
it alone.” 


Back in real life, as everyone who reads
the gossip mags knows, Ms Lopez gave birth to twins recently. The Hollywood PR
machine says that it’s a case of art imitating life. But in fact, it’s not. Her
children were conceived in the natural way, as she felt very uncomfortable
about an artificial reproductive technology like IVF. “When it comes to family
and relationships, I’m quite traditional,” she told Elle
earlier this year. “Just because of the way I was raised and I
also believe in God and I have a lot of faith in that, so I just felt like you
don’t mess with things like that.” ~ VOA
News, Apr 30

Michael Cook